Designation of the members of the coordination committee

In order to ensure the efficiency of decision-making and to help the operation of the DKMT, the General Assembly establishes a Coordination Committee of 3 members from among the elected officials of the founding members, whose members - 1 person per member country - are nominated by the member countries.
The founding members decide on the members of the Coordination Committee by consensus.

It is the responsibility of the coordination committee

  • preparation of decision proposals to be submitted to the General Assembly, conducting preliminary negotiations
  • coordination between members of the General Assembly
  • relations between the General Assembly and the DKMT Euroregional Development Agency Public Benefit Corporation

Members of the Coordination Committee

  • on behalf of the Hungarian participants: Attila Marosvári, deputy mayor of Makó City Municipality
  • representing the Romanian participants: Liviu Borha, vice president of the Temes County Council
  • on behalf of the Serbian participants: Dr. Tihomir Simić, Vice President of the Executive Council of the Autonomous Region of Vojvodina