Pursuant to the decision of the last General Assembly, the seat of the secretariat is the administrative seat of the president will have its headquarters. The cover necessary for the functioning of the secretariat is provided by the full members of the General Assembly.

The work of the secretariat is managed by the president. The secretariat has 3 delegated members, of which 1 is Hungarian, 1 is Romanian, and 1 is a Vojvodina member. The head of the secretariat is a member delegated from the country providing the consecutive president. The head of the secretariat changes along with the rotation of the president.

Main tasks:

· coordinates the meetings of the General Assembly,

· contributes to the preparation of working documents,

· keeps in constant contact with the member regions,

· ensures the continuous flow of information,

· builds relationships with other regional collaborations,

· monitors the various programs of the European Union and, based on the decision of the General Assembly, prepares tenders and organizes the implementation of projects,

· initiates and facilitates the holding of joint events and campaigns,

· ensures that the website of the DKMT is up-to-date.

Your employees:

· Beáta Domonkos: representative of member counties in Hungary

· Éva Fenyvesi: representative of the member counties in Romania

· Roland Kókai: Representative of Vojvodina

Hungarian address:
6722 Szeged, Tábor u. 7/B.
Phone: +36-62/543-165
Fax: +36-62/543-166

Romanian address:
300034 Timișoara, Bd. Revolutiei din 1989. nr. 17. Romania
Telephone: +40-256/493-674
Fax: +40-256/406-361

Vojvodina address:
21 000 Novi Sad, Bul. Mihajla Pupina 16. Serbia
Telephone: +381-21/456-190
Fax: +381-21/456-190